Saturday, April 21, 2001

Hello yeah well I go to a very special performing arts school and no one there can keep a secret and they all live off of spreading rumors about each other. Approximately two weeks ago, a lovely Monday morning we were rehearsing for our show that just closed. Fabulously enough, I was sitting with my two best friends, Rachel and Sarah, Rachel being a dumb blonde who can't keep her mouth shut, and Sarah a wonderful dancer who we think can keep secrets, it was at this moment when they both realized they were in love with Jarrad, what would be classified as a hott guy for our school. I have to admit, I thought he was semi-cute and had a good personality, but I was quite content with my boyfriend Erik, the star of the show. Over the course of the week, Jarrad was told that Rachel and Sarah both liked him and he and I were becoming close friends. A very nice girl named Caitlin Daly spread a rumor that I liked Jarrad, which was not true at all. Rachel backed it up by saying that she saw me make out with him, which was not true either. That Sunday, at Disneyland, we were joking around about Friends with Benefits, a friend who you could make out with anytime and not have it affect your relationship, and slapping each other's asses. We were on Peter Pan, and got caught up in the moment, and decided to test out our theory on Friends with Benefits, twice. Being the smart person that I am, I began talking to people from school online about it. Not being able to keep their mouths shut, the whole school knew by Monday. Monday morning, a girl who had just been involved with a scandal from her ex told me that I had 3 options. Either face the fact and tell everyone now, confess to my boyfriend or dump him...I chose the second one, and he didn't even care or get mad at me at all! He was happy that I was honest with him. Meanwhile, I had to deal with Erik's ex who is still madly in love with him as she ranted on about it, wishing it was her in his arms not me. On Tuesday, a false rumor was spread making me angry at one of my close friends. It almost escalated to the point of a cat fight, but by simple communication, we discovered that my sources were unreliable. Everything is going okay and my boyfriend loves me. But who knows what Monday will bring.